Our one of a kind commitment:

We will improve your conversion rate on your website so you can spend more on advertisement and increase sales...

Hi, my name is Eddie Ulloa. I started Web Design Presence to help small businesses get more customers online.

We are a new business and do websites differently than those who have been doing them for years. Our experts specialize in Web Design and Digital Marketing. We have worked with many businesses and have increased their sales due to their online presence. Remember, “you can have the best product or service but if nobody knows you then you will not make any sales.”

The Whole Problem

A website is definitely one of the most powerful and effective ways to get new clients…


… it’s also really, really hard to do properly! Most people fail, and they could have succeeded.; (Radioshack, Toys R Us all started late to sell online)

making a website doesn’t appear to be hard… I mean, you can get started with a website builder for free really quickly.

But… after personally working on hundreds and hundreds of different website projects over the last 6 years – let me share with you the most important thing I learned about using websites to get new clients:

"A super successful website – or a complete failure of a website – depends 100% on a list of small but very critical details."

It frustrates me really… I see good people, in all sorts of different industries, launching websites every day that end up failing. Wasted money and most of all time.

And yet they could have got what they wanted from their website if they only knew all the little nuances and tricks and small details that we website experts know about.

That’s why we launched this little service of ours.

It’s all about the details

These are just a few of the critical details I’m talking about:

• Traffic does not matter if your website is not converting
• Get to the point, if you make a website that does not draw attention people will leave
• Speed and Security make sure your hosting plan is fast enough and gives you SSL, that htpps:// you see on websites is important.
• Testimonials and social proof
• Landing Page elements and “continuity”
• Create urgency to make the customer fill out a contact form or buy a product.
• Offer something that will benefit the customer (free trial, free shipping, 10% discount)
…and about 20 other things that have to be done exactly right.

Our one-of-a-kind commitment ( what you should do next )

I try to make it easy. I love easy.

We will create you a website that will convert better than you currently have. If you have no website it would be best to start with us to have a great foundation. We will help you grow your business where our fee is more than covered.

Our fee?

We charge a small, monthly fee for what we do. The amount varies depending on several things, but our promise remains… our fee will be more than made up for by your increase in business.

That means you don’t need to worry about your website anymore, you have a professional managing it full time, and you’ll be bringing in more leads and more business than you were before, for the same (or less) money than you’ve been spending.

There’s an even bigger benefit though…

Traffic is only one piece of the conversion formula. I will advise you on your Landing Page, the website itself, your whole marketing “flow”, and all the other little details, so that you can convert more of those visitors to clients.

Because at the end of the day, it’s not traffic you really want. It’s conversions.

The Catch

Yes, there is one catch.

We cannot do this with every project. There are some industries and some situations where we cannot improve things at all.

Lucky for me, there aren’t many – I have “done my thing” successfully in hundreds of different industries.

How will we know?

Well, this is kind of the best part of my formula:

We won’t take on your project if we don’t think we can improve it!

Remember, if we don’t improve it, we don’t make any money! Which brings me to your next step… (and my 2 conditions).

The next step is simply to chat about it, about your situation, about your goals for your website, etc.

No charge or anything – just a quick email chat, or phone chat (whichever you prefer) to see if there’s a fit.

And if there is… well, you’ll save money, get more business, and you won’t have to stress over your website anymore either!

Our 2 Conditions

1. Your average client worth needs to be $200 and up. 

2. You must be spending $1000/Month on Advertisement or more 


Thanks and best regards,

Eddie Ulloa

Customers reviews


What people say?

Eddie provided exceptional service for our website. He very thorough and detailed with his plan. Thank you Eddie!
Rosa Flores
owner sayulitas mexican food
Web Design Presence, LLC is assisting me by building a website for my business FURISTIC DESIGNS and for the purpose of promoting, marketing, etc. FUKALI SPORT/THE ALI BRAND. Also I highly recommend their company when it comes too building your website project(s).
Dale Clyburn
ceo FUkali sport
It's really hard now days to find a company that has the time and patience to work with you and around your schedule. Eddie from Web Design Presence is my go to guy. He is on time and excellent customer service always there when need him great work I'm so glad he found me now I can work and not have to worry about my website or anything.
Peter Uceda
ceo madrid's maintenance
Eduardo Ulloa did an excellent job building my website. It was completely done about 24 hours after I gave him the go-ahead. Of course, he asked me many questions about my business before I said yes. The final product surprised me a lot in a very good way as it was much better than I could have ever guessed. I have a startup business with no customers at this point but, thanks to Eddie, I am sure that I will have customers very soon. He is teaching me how to write posts every day and start a blog which I am sure will help me build my business with very little or no cash outlay by doing most of the posting and blogging on Facebook for free. Before talking with Eddie, I had no idea that I could post on Facebook and include a link to my website and/or a video which Eddie is also helping me do. Bottom Line is that if you want to create an excellent website or just improve your existing website, talk with and hire Eddie. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to digital marketing and that will become very obvious to you when you talk to him about your business. Norm Hall Hall Co Property Solutions, Inc 209-437-4255
Norm Hall
Hall Co Property Solutions, Inc

Still not convinced?

give us a call to discuss how we can help you out. also check out some of the designs we have to get ideas for your website

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